Maine Bed and Breakfast Gets a Facelift

It’s not too often that you walk into a Maine Bed and Breakfast and see a “please excuse our appearance – we’re under construction (to improve your experience, of course!)” sign in the entryway, but at the Maine Stay, there have been a few times in the past few

Maine Bed and Breakfast living room
Bye-bye old living room!

years.  Frankly, with all of the massive changes and improvements, that experience could certainly have happened much more often.  Fortunately, most of our changes have gone according to plan, and unlike typical home renovations, our timeframes haven’t gotten too stretched out.  But then we decide to do something crazy – like totally overhaul the living room at the spur of the moment.  As in right now.  Yes, I said it.  And this living room is going to change, so say bye-bye cranberry red and forest green entry, because the wallpaper is comin’ down (actually it came down on Friday morning, hence the “under construction” note our current visitors are really taking in stride).  Starting right after breakfast on Monday morning, it’s going to be replaced with a soothing blue.  Now, I am not going to leak too many details of our new design plan for several reasons: 1) not everything has arrived, so some of the details aren’t quite ironed out (hey, I have always been one for honesty!), 2) photographer Christian Giannelli will return to our Maine Bed and Breakfast later this spring and do it far more justice than I can with my dinky iPhone camera, and 3) we want you to come enjoy it yourself!  But the main goal of this latest project (which should be mostly completed and totally functional by the end of this week) is to lighten things up and make the living room a bit more relaxed.  So stay tuned, because our new living room is sure to become one of your new favorite rooms at the Maine Stay – we can’t wait to share the updates!

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