Easter Dinner in Kennebunkport

While the streets of Kennebunkport were pretty quiet today, the dining room of many local restaurants were buzzing with activity.  Many visitors expressed their concern about finding the right spot their family’s Easter dinner, but also for just a burger or some

easter hyacinth
A hyacinth blooms just in time for Easter!

clam chowdah, so we did our best to quell their fears – Kennebunkport restaurants are open for business!  Yes, even on Easter Sunday!  Around the breakfast table this morning, guests and staff shared their plans for today, so I decided to share those plans with you.  And while some were indeed gearing up to hit the road and whip up their own Easter feast, others were letting someone else do the cooking, whether another family member or a restaurant chef.

Some of the “big winners” were the Cape Arundel Inn, Pier 77, and One Dock at the Kennebunkport Inn, but much to everyone’s surprise, Federal Jack’s Brew Pub also popped up on quite a few itineraries.  As usual, a fair number opted to indulge in an exquisite meal while drinking in an unspoiled view of the crashing surf at the Cape Arundel.  Perched atop a rocky slope, their airy dining room makes sure that every table has a view of the sea.  Others chose to go for a more peaceful view from the dining room at Pier 77, where the sheltered waters of Cape Porpoise Harbor reflect the sky (although cloudy today) and the picturesque lobster boats gently bobbing on the surface.  And quite a few more, myself included, decided to forgo the views in lieu of testing out the waters at the newly redesigned One Dock.  After the magnificent meal in the fresh, nautical dining room, a short stroll through Dock Square and up Ocean Avenue was all that I needed!  Its laid-back atmosphere was much needed after a busy morning to make sure all the staff of our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast could get home for dinner with their families, and the delightful (and indulgent) meal was just what the doctor ordered.

The surprise of the day, however, was that quite a few visitors decided that an elegant Easter dinner was not in their cards, and headed to Federal Jack’s for a burger and fries or fish n’ chips!  But that just goes to show you that Kennebunkport has something for everyone – even on Easter!

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