April Vacation Week in Kennebunkport Maine

beach in kennebunkport maine
A great day for the beach in Kennebunkport Maine!

While it’s only Patriot’s Day and April Vacation week, it feels like summertime has arrived in Kennebunkport Maine, with temps spiking into the 80s today.  And with more of the same expected tomorrow and incredible, but not quite so hot, weather continuing this week, it really feels more like summer vacation is upon us!  And looking around town and our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast, only two things seem to give it away that it’s really only April – the water is still super cold and there aren’t any leaves on the trees yet.  So while not too many are going for a swim, there are lots of great summer-like things to do around town this week.  Don’t worry, though, because if the surf is calling your name, we’ve still got lots of beach towels to dry you off!

In addition to the shopping and dining opportunities that exist all year long in Kennebunkport Maine and surrounding communities, there are oodles of great outdoor activities to occupy your visit this week.  But without any foliage to block the sun’s strong rays, be sure to remember lots of sunblock – sunburns hurt just as much now as they might in a few more months!  (And yes, that lesson was learned the hard way…)  This week many visitors are enjoying walks and picnics along the Kennebunk beaches, which tops the charts for length and convenience.  Plus, it’s just a two minute drive from our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast.  Others seem to be hankering to dust off the hiking boots and really get in touch with nature, so Wells Reserve/Laudholm Farm is attracting lots of attention.  And with its ever-popular beach trail, you can get your fill of sand, sun, and streams all in one place.  But many visitors to Kennebunkport Maine are just celebrating this glorious stretch by relaxing in our very own backyard, enjoying our just-power washed assortment of comfy lawn furniture.  So whether you’re on va-cay or just looking to play some hooky, Kennebunkport’s calling your name – come play!

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