Stargazing at a Maine Bed and Breakfast

This evening as I was walking from one of the cottages to the main house of our Maine bed and breakfast, I looked up and saw an incredible array of constellations in the night sky.  It is indeed a very clear night, but there was little ambient light pollution to

maine bed and breakfast stargazing ideas
The stars come alive when viewed from the field just past this towering tree at Laudholm Farm

detract from the natural beauty in the night sky.  Yes, the cupola was lit up, as it is every night, but that didn’t seem to hinder the bright glow of the stars.  But as I marveled at Orion’s belt and the Big Dipper, I began to think about other fantastic places for stargazing while staying at a Maine Bed and Breakfast.

Just over the border of Kennebunkport Maine in the town of Wells lies a wildlife refuge called Laudholm Farm.  A working farm until the 1980s, there are ample fields, waiting to be explored.  Plus, the only light pollution you’ll encounter here is the lights running up and down the coast.  And yes, you will actually be able to see them from the fields.  It’s a two-fer!  You’ll get in some great sightseeing and some excellent stargazing.  But it’s important to remember that the gates close at sunset, to make sure to check it out on foot or leave your vehicle along a neighboring street.

A visitor with real knowledge (or just appreciation) for the night sky will surely enjoy the expanse of fields and clearings available at the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust.  With locations and trails all around Kennebunkport Maine, there is a new spot for you to test out during each night of your getaway.  But the wide fields at the Trust headquarters make for prime watching – of the stars that is!  The dim lights in the main building are the only ones around for what seems like miles, making sure that you’ll return to your Maine Bed and Breakfast having seen all the stars you could imagine!

So whether you’re the adventurous sort or just hoping to spot a few familiar constellations, there are ample opportunities for stargazing in Southern Maine, starting right at your very own Maine bed and breakfast!

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