Signs Spring Has Arrived in Kennebunkport Maine

It’s official – Spring has arrived in Kennebunkport Maine!  Yes, it has now been springtime for a whole week and life around our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfastis showing signs that the annual reawakening is well underway.  Admittedly, the summer-like temps we experienced last week certainly helped expedite the process, but summer is definitely a-comin’!  Over the last few days,

magnolia blossoms in kennebunkport maine
Soon we'll be seeing blossoms like these in Kennebunkport Maine!

though, I have really noticed a few things around town that scream “Spring is here!”

While Kennebunkport Maine might not be quite as far along in its foliage progression (no, the Magnolias are not quite ready for their splendorous display yet, but I’ll keep you posted!), we are definitely seeing buds on all the trees.  The bright yellows of the Forsythia is starting to poke out and breathe some much needed color into our landscapes.  Even the birdies are celebrating, and many more species have begun their trek north, meaning that there’s so much more to see at the wonderful reserves near Kennebunkport Maine.  Rachel Carson Wildlife Refuge in particular is teeming with fauna (and the flora’s not far behind), so grab your specs and head out to catch sight of some favorites without many leaves blocking your view!  Of course, Wells Reserve and the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust lands are both great opportunities to do some bird watching or just to enjoy their wonderful songs during a brisk (or meandering) walk.  And while you’re out and about, you can take note that lots of our favorite spring flowers are beginning to poke through the ground, with daffodils and hyacinths making an early debut this year!

But for us, the biggest signal that springtime is here in Kennebunkport Maine, is the preparation for opening the four cottage suites closed for the winter.  Yes, we’ve even turned the water back on in Contemporary Cottage Suites 8 and 9, and while they’re not quite ready for visitors to enjoy, they are getting close.  So take advantage of this early spring to make sure you don’t miss out on a visit to a Kennebunkport Inn!

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