Maine Bed and Breakfasts Prepare to "Spring Forward"

Signs of spring are definitely in the air around lots of Maine Bed and Breakfasts, as the snow has been melting, the birds chirping, and the occasional buds poking out of the earth.  And the recent temps have been nothing to sneer at!  Kennebunkport Maine topped out at just about 65 degrees yesterday, which made for absolutely delightful running and walking weather.  But along the coast you definitely needed a jacket, because while it was bright, sunny, and warm, the breeze was unexpectedly strong.  As I

Maine Bed and Breakfasts Prepare to "Spring Forward" the clocks
Don't forget to spring forward your clocks tomorrow!

rounded the corner by the Bush Family estate, I could clearly see the wind whipping the ever present American flag, but the spokes of their windmill were simply a blur from spinning so quickly.  Yep, it was definitely generating some clean power yesterday!

But while the days have slowly begun to lengthen, a marked change will be noted on Sunday, as we “spring forward” the clocks late Saturday night.  Selfishly, since I expect to be a little less alert during the 8:30 breakfast seating on Sunday morning, I am hoping that losing an hour will inspire guests at all Kennebunkport Maine Bed and Breakfasts this weekend to choose a later seating for their morning meal.  But all kidding aside, gaining an hour of daylight during non-sleeping hours is a win-win situation all around.  Just think – they’ll be that much more time to explore Kennebunkport, enjoy walks along the beach, hikes in a nature preserve, or just scenic excursions along coastal Maine!  So in just two days you can expect to get even more enjoyment our of your visit to Maine Bed and Breakfasts, because with an extra hour of sunshine you can do so much more, even if it means relaxing and doing much less!

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