Maine Bed and Breakfasts Help to "Write Off Cancer"

diane's pen pals pens
Help fight cancer with these handmade pens by Diane's Pen Pals

For a while now, several Maine Bed and Breakfasts, the Maine Stay included, have featured a unique product in their gift shops or areas.  In addition to being absolutely charming and a great addition to the small assortment of gifts in our cabinet, Diane’s Pen Pals pens are a great way to help in the fight against cancer.  The proceeds from all sales of these handmade ballpoint pens are given as a donation to several cancer foundations.  And on April 6, 2012, Maine Bed and Breakfasts who have supported this endeavor are invited to attend as the creator presents a donation to the director of the Maine Cancer Foundation.  We are so excited to join them at the Kennebunk-Kennebunkport Chamber of Commerce in just over a week to share in this exciting occasion.  Don’t worry, we’ll take pictures, find out just how generous travelers to Maine Bed and Breakfasts have been recently, and keep you posted!

These pens, inspired by Diane, a woman of incredible strength and fortitude, are a symbol of her commitment to fight cancer and connect with others through the written word.  A long-term cancer patient, Diane reached out to friends and family throughout her long battle with the illness through letters.  Her legacy has been passed on through these handcrafted pens (that write beautifully, I might add!), and the Maine Stay and other Maine Bed and Breakfasts are proud to share them with visitors and in one more way further the search to cure cancer.

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