Maine Bed and Breakfast's Good Samaritan

A few weeks ago one of the newest members of our Maine Bed and Breakfast staff arrived late to cook breakfast. Oh boy, we all thought. What’s going on with her?  Is she going to show up?  Breakfast is, after all, kind of a big deal at the Maine Stay.  A multi-breakfast at Maine Bed and Breakfastcourse gourmet breakfast doesn’t just cook itself, let alone serve itself to hungry visitors.  But before we could get too worried, Ashley hurried in, explaining that she had just witnessed a car accident and got out to help the driver.  Now who could find fault with that?  Not us!  Throughout the day, Ashley seemed a bit distracted, but given our early start, her jam-packed college course load, and two young (and very active) boys at home, we chalked it up to “life.”

We know Ashley to be a great mom, diligent student, and team player in this Maine Bed and Breakfast, but we hadn’t quite yet realized what bravery she possessed and strength in a traumatic situation.  But a reporter at the Portland Press Herald helped bring it to our attention and we couldn’t be more proud!  For the full story and pictures of the emotional reunion between Ashley and the accident victim, click here.  Nevertheless, we’re so pleased that Ashley acted on her instincts and reached out to a person in need.  Others would surely (and a fair many did) drive right past the scene, hurrying toward their jobs, but instead of worrying about serving up breakfast at a Maine Bed and Breakfast, Ashley reached out and touched  another person.  This story has brought all of us such joy, so we wanted to share this great tale with you.

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