A Taste of Summer In Kennebunkport Maine

Kennebunkport Maine gets ready for summer
Summer, Spring, or Winter?

After a day like today, it’s hard to believe that summer isn’t already here and that spring is, in fact, just on its way to Kennebunkport Maine.  By the time we finished serving breakfast it was already well into the 50s, and more than a few guests of our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast donned on shorts for a midday walk.  Granted, it was still a little too chilly for that in my book, but by lunchtime, I was definitely regretting the choice to wear corduroy pants today and had to shed layers all the way down to a tank top!  The bright sunshine and still air made it feel even warmer than it actually was, but Mother Nature was definitely giving us a taste of what’s to come, which inspired me to think back on what some of my favorite summer activities are in Kennebunkport Maine.  Now, it’s still a teeny bit to cool for a few of my faves – and by that I mean eating lobster on the beach (thanks to cold, wet sand), swimming in the ocean (ummm, it is still Maine in March), and taking a nap on the beach.  But it’s absolutely ideal for exploring the outdoors (while staying dry, of course!), so this afternoon I decided to wander down to Laudholm Farm.  While it is technically known as the Wells Reserve, that just sounds a little too formal for this incredible parcel of protected land.  Just a few minutes down the road from Kennebunkport Maine, Laudholm Farm offer trails through a variety of terrain and vistas like you can’t imagine.  Today, however, I explored some unfamiliar turf, but still ended up along the beach just as the sun was beginning to set.  Images like the one here just reminded me so much of summer in Kennebunkport Maine that I couldn’t help but share – enjoy and get inspired!

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