Privacy at a Maine Bed and Breakfast? Got it!

It never fails to surprise me when someone enquiring about our Maine Bed and Breakfast asks about privacy.  Honestly, that’s never something we have to worry about at the Maine Stay, partially because of the construction and layout of the property.  Somewhere along the line, though, BnBs got a bad rap in that department, and I just can’t figure out where.  Granted I know my parents stayed at a variety of glorified bunkhouses passing themselves off as bed and breakfasts in the 1970s, but those haven’t existed in decades!

breakfast at our Maine Bed and Breakfast
Imagine breakfast delivered to your door!

So here’s the reality of this Maine Bed and Breakfast: all private baths and no one breathing down your neck.  We’re very lucky that some phenomenal shipbuilders crafted our house, because the walls are very thick.  Now, if you’ve been inside the Maine Stay, you know that the kitchen and front office are right next to one another and that both are teeny tiny.  But when I’m in the kitchen, there is no way on earth I could hear someone in the office.  It’s only a bad thing when someone’s waiting in the hall and are too bashful to poke their heads into the kitchen to ask for help!  Fortunately for you (and for us) that’s not an exception.  So cross noise off your silly “Reasons I don’t do B&Bs” list.  I can almost guarantee that you’ll hear more of your neighbors in a hotel than a Maine Bed and Breakfast where everyone dedicates themselves to making your stay to be perfect.

Often, however, people worry about being pestered by Auntie Sue, leaving room for the holy ghost, or finding her missing cat.  That’s about as far from our reality as you can get.  While we do greet every guest personally (unless they have made arrangements for a late check-in), we take our cues from you.  Some people wants lots of time to socialize and get to know the staff, while others want just the basics and to be on their way.  Either is A-okay with us!  Honestly!  If you want help finding the perfect place to eat, hike, antique, and sightsee while relaxing over a cup of tea – any of us are more than happy to oblige.  If you’d rather just snag the WiFi password and head to your abode, that’s fine too!

But if you’re still feeling anxious, a good way to test the waters is in one of our Cottage Suites.  Not only can you have breakfast delivered and not worry about making small talk across the dining room table (though we’d happily set extra seats for you or help arrange a quieter time to eat if you want to stay in the main house), but you can enjoy it in bed if you want!  Plus here there’s never anyone in a room above or below you, and could only have one (or two if you are in Cottage Suite 2) neighbor.  And you’ll never be headboard-to-headboard with any other space – how great is that?  So now there’s no excuse – it’s time to plan your getaway to a Maine Bed and Breakfast and experience just how private and relaxing they can be!

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