Maine Restaurant Week Returns to Kennebunkport Maine!

Maine Restaurant Week is a wonderful way to test out new restaurants or enjoy different options at some old favorites, and fortunately for us, several Kennebunkport Maine restaurants have chosen to participate in 2012.  But if you’re interested in exploring, there are loads of options in other nearby communities.   So as I started looking forward to this year’s Maine Restaurant Week (March 1-10, 2012), I began to

Maine Restaurant Week in Kenebunkport Maine water views
A view of Kennebunkport Maine from Federal Jack's - it just what I needed!

think about why exactly I enjoy eating in restaurants and narrowed it down to three main reasons.

  • Eating out gives me a chance to try some different foods, or ones I just can’t make at home.  Now, we can all whip up a pot of pasta and marinara sauce, but there’s more to Italian cuisine than graces the shelves of your local supermarket.  We are lucky enough to have Grissini within walking distance of our Maine Bed and Breakfast.  Although they advertise themselves as being located in Kennebunkport Maine, they’re actually just over the border in Kennebunk, so keep that in mind when you’re out walking.  Anyhow, their thin crust stone hearth pizza is honestly the best I have ever had.  There’s no way that I could make that at home without an awesome stone pizza oven, so it’s a real treat!  Plus, their beef Carpaccio is a delicacy most wouldn’t dare to try at home.
  • Another reason that I test drive different restaurants is for the chef.  In the case of Academe Brasserie, it’s two famous chefs!  This participating restaurant, Brian and Shanna O’Hea, has been featured on the food network and received lots of accolades in the industry lately, so while it’s a personal fave that we patronize regularly, I regularly try establishments for their reputations.  Plus, they often have gluten free soups available, which is great for our family.
  • Finally, I also sometimes just need to gaze at the water, dreaming of the upcoming summer (I can’t believe how fast it’s approaching!).  If you’re in the same boat, you can enjoy the view of Kennebunkport Maine from the dining room of Federal Jack’s – it’s a perfect choice for “deluxe” pub food.  And their selection of handcrafted beers is terrific, especially the “Old Thumper.”

So whatever your reasons for indulging in an evening of dining out, this March 1-10 is the perfect time to explore!  Each of the participating restaurants offers three course lunch and/or dinner for just $20.12, $30.12, or $40.12!  That just can’t be beat!  Plus, with three great restaurants in Kennebunkport Maine, and some extra cash in your pocket from these great savings, you can indulge in a Maine Stay getaway and we’ll throw the third night in for free! (*Please note, the least expensive night will be at no charge, even if it isn’t your third evening.)

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