Celebrating Leap Day in a Maine Bed and Breakfast

I just got so excited to realize that just a few days from now marks my very first Leap Day at our Maine Bed and Breakfast!  Now that might not seem like a big deal to most people, but I think of it as a pretty exciting milestone, especially because not long after will

Leap Day at a Maine Bed and Breakfast
Grab the bar - take a leap! And enjoy Leap Day at a Maine Bed and Breakfast!

we celebrate our fourth anniversary.  Can you believe it!?!  Anyhow, from a very early age (think back to learning your times tables) I have been obsessed with Leap Day.  Around that time I saw this great birthday card with an elderly woman on the front holding a glass of wine or other alcohol, and the inside explained that she had just turned 21.  I thought it was the funniest thing ever.  But ever since, I have looked at Leap Day as a day to enjoy that you might not for another four years.  So this year, consider scooting off to a Maine Bed and Breakfast and treating yourself to a quick getaway.  Plus, playing hookie from work might just be one of your “once every four year” special surprises!  But if I were skipping out of the office, I would definitely add exploring the Eastern Trail to my list of activities.  Reason number 1:  I’ve never done it!  And reason 2:  It didn’t even really exist four years ago (at least not near Kennebunkport Maine).  It’s supposed to be great and with the wonderful weather we’re expecting, the path should be clear and begging for exploring!  Now one of the other things that visitors often enjoy is indulging in a late Valentine’s celebration with an opulent dinner at one of the amazing Kennebunkport restaurants.  Now there are lots of excellent places for dining, but one that stands apart from the crowd for a special experience like Leap Day is the White Barn Inn, located less than a mile from our Maine Bed and Breakfast just over the bridge in Kennebunk.  With a many course dinner experience, it’s one of those things you’re not likely to experience every day of the week.  So this year make Leap Day something special with a Maine Bed and Breakfast vacation in Kennebunkport Maine!

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