A Presidential Getaway in Kennebunkport, ME

Although February 14th has come and gone, many people are keeping the mood alive and taking advantage of the long weekend for Presidents’ Day to do their Valentine’s celebrating, and what better place than Kennebunkport, ME for a truly presidential retreat?  Many people may be surprised, but on my very first visit to Kennebunkport, I had no idea that this was the summer retreat of our 41st and 43rd

Bush Family home in Kennebunkport, ME
What a view! Thank you to one of our very special guests for use of this photo taken during her visit to Kennebunkport, ME

Presidents!  So for those of you who didn’t realize that the Bush Family compound is located just 2 miles from our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast, you’re not alone.  And for those of you who think you might find another first family here, you’ll find Camelot about three hours to our south – not too far for a day trip!

While the Bush family is not in Kennebunkport, ME at this time of year, their estate still sits pretty atop a rocky peninsula just down the street.  No matter the time of year, it’s a great walk out there for some sightseeing and gawking at the incredible “cottages” that flank our coastline.  And Parson’s Way, a path along our famous Ocean Avenue, boasts some of the prettiest stretches of Maine Coastline around (that’s my opinion, folks).  So it’s time to get in the spirit of Presidents’ Day week by dining in style at some of the Bush family’s favorite digs.  For a casual lunch, the seniors have often been spotted at The Ramp, a Kennebunkport, ME version of a “sports bar” – but it’s excellent, though eclectic, cuisine would lead you to think that description might not be accurate.  Guests have also reported that Barbara enjoys a fun, fresh dinner at Bandaloop, usually with girlfriends in tow – sorry, George, we’ve gotta have girl time!  But most frequently we hear of Presidential sightings at Cape Arundel Inn’s fine dining restaurant, which is no surprise given its location.  The open and airy dining room overlooks the inlet and entire Bush compound, plus it’s just around the corner – they could walk if the secret service let them.  But just like you, the former first family likes to lie low during their visits to Kennebunkport, ME, so this week, kick up your heels and relax at our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast.

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