A Moonlit Walk in Kennebunkport

For many, winter in Kennebunkport means a season to enjoy an afternoon of snow shoeing or hiking along snow packed beaches.  Not this year!  Unfortunately for our snow-dependent hobbies, there has essentially been no snow since a major storm on Halloween.  Instead of packed trails for cross country skis and snowshoes, we have just grass trails, and even that is beginning to turn green!  But that does mean that the walking and hiking opportunities are far better than ever given

Moose crossing in Kennebunkport
Catch a glimpse of moose under the moonlight in Kennebunkport!

this time of year.  Snow or not, you can get a dose of winter at Laudholm Farm/Wells Reserve on March 6 from 6-8 PM.  A mere 5 miles from our Kennebunkport Inn, this preserve provides visitors with 7 miles of pristine, picturesque and unspoiled lands.  Just over the border from Kennebunkport, its hiking trails cover a variety of habitats, including forests, fields, beaches, and salt marshes.  Fortunately, Laudholm Farm has been preserved to provide educational and learning programs to residents of Kennebunkport and visitors alike.  On March 6, the professional staff will guide your exploration through the preserve under the last full moon light of winter 2012, to teach about our wintertime plant and animal life.  It will be a great chance to cherish the Maine winter.   If the area should be blessed with a fresh covering of snow, they suggest snowshoes for traversing the grounds, but if you don’t have any, they’re happy to provide equipment for a small rental fee.  Imagine seeing native Maine animals like peacocks, gray foxes, moose, coyotes, and deer!  And since moose actually prefer winter weather, the chance of seeing one is more likely now.  Maybe this is my chance!  Believe it or not, I haven’t seen a single moose since moving to Kennebunkport in 2008.  For a reservation to join this full moon event call (207)646-1555.


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