Planning a Worry Free Getaway to Kennebunkport Maine

Tonight’s weather forecast for Kennebunkport Maine shows that winter may actually be on its way, as we are expecting a dusting of snow tonight.  And here that means 3-6 inches of the white stuff.  That is enough to make lots of people run for cover or out to the grocery

Snow and Ice won't keep you away from Kennebunkport Maine
Snow and ice is no match for us in Kennebunkport Maine!

store for ample supplies of milk and bread (french toast, anyone?), but not here.  It truly is remarkable – in Kennebunkport Maine a half of a foot of snow is just old hat.  But when we moved here to become innkeepers at our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast I was skeptical.  I mean, when I was growing up, if six inches of snow fell at just the right time, school might be cancelled.  And that was still New England!  Honestly, though, traveling in Maine when it is snowy outside is no trouble at all.  No, you really don’t need chains on your tires or a truck with four wheel drive.  You don’t really even need snow tires! The plow drivers and road salters have got you covered.

But once you’re here at our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast, there’s no need to test the roads unless you want to.  You can walk to countless shops and restaurants, and even a few will deliver.  So when the mood strikes to hunker down and curl up in front of a glowing fire, just go with it!  Don’t stress, however, when the need for fine dining in a luxe atmosphere wins out – you won’t have any trouble.  If you are still worried about the weather in Kennebunkport Maine or at home or find yourself worrying about your babysitter or aging pets (or parents) left behind, we’ve got a solution for you!  Several years ago, we started investigating reasonable trip insurance companies and stumbled upon iTravelInsured, which offers a wide range of policies, from comprehensive we’re-headed-to-a-remote-nation plans to simple cancellation insurance.  We encourage all guests to protect themselves with their trip cancellation plan, because, with options starting at just over $13, you can protect against the unexpected.  Plus, your peace of mind is certainly worth more than that!  So this winter when planning your winter getaway to Kennebunkport Maine, you can rest easy – we’ve got you covered!

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