Movie Theaters Near Kennebunkport, ME

Tonight as I headed out of our Maine Bed and Breakfast, on my way to see The Descendents, I realized how lucky we are to have so many movie theaters near Kennebunkport, ME.  Tonight, though, I decided to head south to the Wells Five Star Cinema.  Located in a shopping plaza with a favorite Maine institution, Reny’s (a small chain known for its unusual assortment of good, including outdoor staples, and unbeatable prices), the theater’s next door neighbor is more than convenient – the Dollar Tree.  In my book,

movie snacks near Kennebunkport, ME
Sweet tooth satiated!

stopping there is a requirement – for sodas and snacks, you will feed the family’s munchies for less than a ticket of admission.  Thank goodness for oversized purses to carry this “contraband” into the theater.  But you really can’t beat the buttery goodness of movie theater popcorn, so with the cash we all save by bringing your own sweets, supersize that popcorn!  Plus, that way you won’t feel guilty about not following the “no outside food or drink allowed” policy.  But nutritional aficionados out there, don’t stress – there are plenty of excellent restaurants nearby that offer healthy options to fuel your furnace before or after the show.

If you can’t find the film you want in Wells, head north from Kennebunkport, ME to Smitty’s Cinema in Biddeford, where it is almost a requirement to enter hungry.  Unlike any other chain of movie theaters I have visited, Smitty’s features smaller venues dotted with long tables and oversized easy chairs.  And instead of ushers, they have servers, who bring menus to patrons and deliver lunch, dinner, or snacks throughout the film.  What’s better than a burger and a beer with your movie?  Salad and milkshakes, of course! (Well, certainly for someone with a gluten allergy!)  Surprisingly, though, it’s not a distraction, and the smaller theaters mean that there are fewer cell phones to interrupt or noisy commentators to annoy patrons.

While neither of these theaters offer the assortment and sparkle of a big cinema, it really contributes to their charm.  However, Cinemagic in Saco boasts the glitz and glam of modern theaters.  And it even offers IMAX shows!  Granted it’s a little farther from our Maine Bed and Breakfast, it is sometimes worth the trip – especially if you are headed to one of the area water parks and mother nature throws you a curve ball.  Yes, it has happened!  So the next time you find yourself hankering for some big screen fun near Kennebunkport, ME, don’t worry – there are lots of great options!

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