Kennebunkport Maine Takes on Little Rock

Every year the Professional Association of Innkeeping International hosts a conference helping educated Innkeepers on how to be (and stay) the best they can possibly be, so this year we headed from Kennebunkport Maine to Little Rock, Arkansas for a week of schooling.  Yes, we are having fun, and yes, we are doing a little shopping (though it’s the wholesale variety), but the primary purpose is to educate ourselves on the changes facing the hospitality industry and how to stay on top of those changes.  It is our committment to our guests and to keeping our Kennebunkport Maine Bed and Breakfast positioned on the “cutting edge” that brings us away from the inn each and every year.

So the ladies have left Walter in charge (just wait for that update when we return!) back in Kennebunkport Maine and headed South, but aren’t hoping to work on our tans – not even for a second!  Honestly, today was jam-packed with courses ranging from food plating to internet marketing (and everything in between), as well as time dedicated to working with vendors on some of your favorite amenities found at our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast.  As anticipated, there has been much talk about sophisticated and user-friendly website, as well as excellent (but not doctored) photography – check.  And facebook – check, check.  And even a little bit about Twitter.  Soon, though, the Maine Stay will join Google+, which will certainly be fun new exploration.    We’ve attended seminars on all sorts of topics and learned about the newest eco-friendly cleaning supplies.  Though my head is spinning with all the new information and great ideas to implement once we return to Kennebunkport Maine, I am so anxious for tomorrow and to learn even more – just you wait for us to bring these things back North!

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