Preparing for New Year's Eve in Kennebunkport Maine

Kennebunkport Maine New Year's Eve
Who needs fireworks with all the fun at the Maine Stay?

All of us at the Maine Stay have been busy getting ready for a very special New Year’s Eve celebration in Kennebunkport Maine and are more than excited about tomorrow’s festivities.  In fact, much of the staff of our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast spent the day in our teeny tiny kitchen, working on concocting nibbles for everyone to enjoy tomorrow night.  Homemade baked chips, dip, and veggies will tempt those starting early on their New Year’s resolutions, while gluten-free Chex mixes (both sweet and savory) will be perfect for noshing while socializing with guests and staff alike.  Wraps and baked roll-ups are the ideal one-handed snack while playing cards or just mingling.  And given the chilly evening temps we’ve experienced lately, anyone strolling in our door will  be certain to warm up quickly with a cup or bowl of steaming soup.  Don’t fret – there will be plenty of freshly baked goods for dipping, meaning no bowl-licking is be required.  Now my inner foodie asks, “What could possibly be more important than what’s on the menu?” I could go on and on talking about the crunchy munchies and fantastic finger foods being served at our Kennebunkport Maine Bed and Breakfast, but what I am really excited for is the company!  So many wonderful guests (both long-term Maine Stay veterans and newbies alike) checked in during the past few days, and I can’t wait to spend tomorrow evening relaxing with all of them.  Plus, we’ve got oodles of great games lined up for old fashioned fun.  Now, while Kennebunkport Maine might not be known for its nightlife, the Maine Stay is certainly getting ready for a long night of fun and food before and after the ball drops.


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