Maine Bed and Breakfasts Prepare for "Walk to Bethlehem"

In preparation for this weekend’s celebration of Christmas Prelude in Kennebunkport, the innkeepers of several Maine Bed and Breakfasts, including the Maine Stay, did a trial run of the “Walk to Bethlehem” yesterday.  We’re all so excited!  But what, you might ask, is this walk?  Well, think back to that very first Christmas story… Joseph and Mary, very much with child, search tirelessly for a

Christmas Prelude Hat Parade in Kennebunkport Maine
This year's "Walk to Bethlehem" might not be as hilarious as last weekend's Crazy Hat Parade, it is sure to be a blast!

place to rest their heads and bring baby Jesus into the world.  But inn after inn is full, and they find themselves repeatedly turned away, until a generous innkeeper makes room for them in his stable.  Apparently re-enactments of this famous search are performed in many cultures around the globe each Christmas, so we thought, what better place to conduct such a search than in Kennebunkport Maine with its multitude of excellent B&Bs?!  The planning began just about a year ago, and will culminated in the first annual “Walk to Bethlehem” among Maine Bed and Breakfasts.

Get ready, because 4:00 on Saturday is quickly approaching!  Visitors and locals alike are encouraged to gather at the Captain Jefferds Inn, the first stop on our festive journey.  Caroling will be interspersed with short Bible readings and commentary from a local pastor, and the brief walks between our Maine Bed and Breakfasts will be lighted by luminaries.  But the best part is sure to be the amateur acting by the innkeepers and staff (though, we must mention that Joseph will be played by a very generous – and good spirited – volunteer).  I, for one, am ready for some great laughs!  The procession, led by Mary on horseback, will continue throughout the Kennebunkport Maine historic district and commence at the Captain Lord Mansion barn (seriously, could we have planned any better?!).  In celebration of baby Jesus’s speedy birth (I think we have allocated all of about 30 seconds), we hope you will join us for more singing, cups of cocoa, and oodles of homemade Christmas cookies!  It’s time to get in the holiday spirit!

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