Kennebunkport Maine And Its Wacky Weather

We all know that the weather in Kennebunkport Maine and all of New England is entirely unpredictable, but this year it seems especially fickle.  Today, it hit 60 degrees, but exactly one year ago today it was a paltry 26 degrees!  But on Halloween, New England was walloped with an unprecedented October snowstorm, requiring plowing of our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast multiple times.  After that, who would have thought that you would need, or even want, your short-sleeved clothing and flip-flops out again?  Not us!

Fall in Kennebunkport Maine
Wreaths and Pumpkins!

But here in Kennebunkport Maine, we are clinging dearly to these lovely, mild days so characteristic of the early fall.  In fact, we haven’t even been able to part with our decorative pumpkins or flowering mums.  Even our newly blooming roses are really confused, but they certainly are beautiful.  With a colder stretch expected later in the week, we wonder how many more of the buds will actually bloom before winter sets in.  No matter what the roses might indicate, the reality is that Thanksgiving is just around the corner and our famous Christmas Prelude a mere 12 days away.  Despite clinging on to autumn, our Christmas decorations are going up – and looking slightly ridiculous surrounded by flowers and pumpkin.

Even still, plans for Thanksgiving evening refreshments and Christmas cookies are in the works.  And since these 60 degree days surely won’t last forever, we are eagerly awaiting the installation of our exterior winter mudroom – not only will it help keep the snow from being tracked inside the house, but those nor’easter winds will stay right where they belong – outside.  So when visitors return after the new “Walk to Bethlehem” or the “Pooch Parade” during the second weekend of Christmas Prelude, they can lounge in the living room, enjoying a glowing fire without being disturbed by a breeze through the front door! But no matter what time of year you decide to visit Kennebunkport Maine, make sure to prepare for whatever Mother Nature might throw our way.  No matter what the weather forecast has in store, though, the natural beauty of this area is irrepressible.

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