Kennebunkport Maine Welcomes Tia's Topside

As you already know, Kennebunkport Maine is a fantastic destination, especially for people who enjoy dining, but Tia’s Topside is certainly a welcome addition to the culinary scene.  Each morning on my way to our Kennebunkport Bed and BreakfastI pass through Lower Village Kennebunk, which has featured a rather delapitdated building on a hill overlooking the water.  Long empty, we have been waiting for someone to restore the

Tia's Topside Kennebunkport Maine
Tia's Topside, a new Kennebunkport fave!

facade to its original splendor, and the wait is finally over!
Work began late this past summer and continued at a frenetic pace, culminating in its grand opening last Saturday night.  The cold, damp weather couldn’t even keep visitors away!  A fire blazed on the patio and patrons filled the enclosed porch, spilling down its enormous granite steps – you couldn’t help but notice as you passed through Kennebunkport Maine.  Though we usually wait a little while before testing out a new Kennebunkport restaurant, giving them some time to get their bearings, the need for a nice spot for “lunner” arose this week, so we decided to check out Tia’s Topside.  Even at 4:30, the stone fire pit was burning (big points for ambiance!) to welcome us inside.  Since we were noshing at a rather unusual hour, the dining room was basically empty, allowing us to take in the beautiful new decor.  Light airy colors are accented with deep ocean blue hues, and understated original works of art hang on the walls.  Though not broken in yet, the elegant wooden bar illustrated the great care with which this renovation was completed.
The entirely new staff was decidedly uncomfortable with their menu, but was happy to venture into the kitchen to have any and every question answered.  With such a large and varied menu, it would take me a long while to get acquainted with it too!  There really is something for everyone at Tia’s – from sushi and salads to raw oysters and old fashioned lobsters.  We were warned from the start that the portions were large, so we decided on their Topsider salad (basically their house), clam chowder, and a basket of fries.  The salads arrived looking stunning. Fresh baby spinach leaves glistened with just the right amount of maple balsamic vinaigrette, topped with mild goat cheese, walnuts, and grilled pears – absolutely delightful!  The chowder was the perfect consistency, neither too thin, nor too gloppy, and the french fries were out of this world!  They even left just a hint of skin on so you knew they were real – no pressed potato filler here.  And they glimmered with flakes of kosher salt, just to my liking (but if you aren’t a fan of super salty fries, ask them to go easy).
Bottom line, if you are looking for nice atmosphere that is an easy walk from our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast, Tia’s Topside is a great new destination.  The menu has something for everyone and isn’t too pricey. And as far as I can tell, the only downside is that you can only really see the water from the porch (but fortunately they have heaters and plastic enclosures so you will be able to enjoy it for longer.  Definitely a new hit!

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