When Walter's in Charge of Our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast

In our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast, the ladies tend to take charge of the morning routine – making and serving breakfast, brewing coffee, and getting guests set with their daily activities.  For nearly four years, Judi has been

Yep, that's Walter in an apron!

threatening Walter that one day he will be in charge of breakfast.  The threats seemed empty – until recently, that is.  As usual, Walter was taking credit for breakfast preparation and execution, and the “ladies” just had it!  So we picked a day when Walter would be in charge – Monday, September 12.
Fortunately for Walter, we had already planned the gourmet breakfast – fresh baby spinach sauteed with grape tomatoes and topped with grated parmesan cheese and poached eggs, homemade dill bread with an herb and cheese spread, and pork sausages, as well as our usual fruit started.  Just as expected, Walter announced that it would be “no problem!”  But he was sure that this was, yet again, an empty threat.  He was wrong.
The ladies bailed him out when it came to ordering supplies, but he was certainly on the hook for everything else.  Yes, Walter even had a bread-baking lesson!  Miraculously, all three loaves rose just as expected.  But Walter’s experience with baking cookies (especially gooey in the middle) didn’t seem to translate.  He didn’t really get the fact that bread has to be totally done all the way through.  I guess you could say we bailed him out again, but you just can’t serve undercooked bread!
It is a running joke in our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast that Walter seems to like his eggs basically raw, so he was forced to poach eggs with supervision – no eggs left the kitchen without confirmation that they were cooked (we’d like to avoid salmonella, thanks).  Needless to say, he certainly had a lot of “guidance” this morning – but Walter did it.  And even got compliments!  Now maybe the ladies can sleep in… Maybe not.

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