Kennebunkport Maine Spared By Hurricane Irene

All of us are feeling incredibly grateful that Hurricane Irene passed through Kennebunkport Mainewithout causing much of a disturbance.  Despite our coastal location, the area did not experience the extreme flooding that has

Hurricane Irene in Kennebunkport Maine
A few brave souls in the surf at Kennebunk Beach during Hurricane Irene

plagued much of Northern New England.  Though many were bracing for the worst by boarding up windows, stocking up on food supplies, and hunkering down with their families, the storm brought some rain and enough wind to litter the lawns of our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast with branches, flowers, and leaves.  Not much more.
So when the showers stopped on early Sunday afternoon, we headed to the beach for a walk and a rare glimpse at the especially angry Atlantic Ocean.  The situation seemed rather calm as we left the Maine Stay, but as we rounded the corner onto Kennebunk Beach, the waves were quite ferocious, stirred up by strong winds.  The breeze was so strong, in fact, that we even struggled to push open the car door!  By this point, the sun was trying to poke through the cloud cover, so we donned on our sunglasses.  Boy, were we ever glad to have those!  Irene’s violent winds (to see for yourself check out our video on YouTube), downing power lines up and down the East Coast (though sparing much of Kennebunkport Maine), had stirred up the sands so vigorously that the grains lined our mouths and pelted our glasses.  Nevertheless, the walk was invigorating, and we enjoyed watching the few “crazies” daring to dip in the ocean and dogs struggling against the gusts as they took their afternoon walk.  The best, or more humorous, part was watching the terns and seagulls being thrown backwards as they tried to fly into the hurricane.  I’d never seen anything like it before!  After a few laps up and down Gooch’s Beach, our legs grew tired from fighting the gusting winds.
Heading back to the inn, we found the trees blowing around, but calmness relative to the scene at the beach.  And the drive through town revealed nothing out of the ordinary (granted, a few shops seemed to have closed early) – with restaurants open and people milling about.  All of us in Kennebunkport Maine are counting our blessings that Irene’s fury seemed to leave us mostly unscathed, and send our thoughts and good wishes to those struggling with devastation in other parts of the East Coast.

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