Have Your Cake at Chase Hill Bakery in Kennebunkport Maine

All of us at the Maine Stay love to eat, so when there’s something to celebrate, we reach for cake – and now there is finally a great bakery in Kennebunkport Maine!  Many people, both locals and visitors alike, have been bemoaning the closing of Port Bakery for nearly a year.  Once a staple in Lower Village, it shut its doors and gave rise to Pedro’s Restaurant, an

Chase Hill Bakery Cake in Kennebunkport Maine
Nothin' left but a few crumbs!

excellent Mexican Cantina (which we desperately needed).  So while we’ve relished a non-traditional Kennebunkport restaurant, there has been a noticeable gap in the area’s dining scene.
Without any warning or fanfare at all, a small chalkboard sign appeared, reading “Chase Hill Bakery.”  Rumor has it that quite a few years ago, long before my time in Kennebunkport Maine, Chase Hill Bakery thrived on Chase Hill (convenient, right?) and was something of an institution, with lines forming at 6 am for their freshly baked confections. And while they haven’t rebuilt Rome in a day, they are establishing a solid reputation for themselves with a small menu of pastries, breads, and pies.
Two very special members of the staff at our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast have given us lots to celebrate recently, as one married her longtime boyfriend at the end of July and the other is walking down the aisle this weekend.  In their honor, before checking in guests and serving cookies at teatime today, we decided to have a little party, which needed a great cake to make it complete.  Instead of a less than mediocre grocery store cake, we now were able to order a lovely creation from Chase Hill Bakery.  This stunning chocolate buttercream frosted white cake arrived in a simple brown box, but there was nothing ordinary about what lay inside!  It was fantastic!  The proof is on the plate (or rather in what was no longer on the plate) – Chase Hill Bakery is a winner and a great addition to the dining scene in Kennebunkport Maine.

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