Circus Smirkus Returns to Kennebunkport Maine

Two of the most fun-filled days of summer in Kennebunkport Maine are fast approaching, as Circus Smirkus plans to return to Rockin’ Horse Stables on Monday and Tuesday.  While this is a youth performance with all of the acrobatics

Circus Smirkus in Kennebunkport Maine
An aerial silks performance

accomplished by kids aged 6 to 18, it is not intended exclusively for children.  I just bought my tickets and you should too! Especially since all four shows were sold out in 2010, purchasing tickets in advance are key.  But don’t make the mistake that I did for too many years – Circus Smirkus, while run by tykes, is nothing short of incredible.  The entertainment provided by these talented tots flying through the air rivals the big leagues.
Though there won’t be any animals (at least not real ones!), the show is sure to be jam-packed with amazing performances.  Last year’s production included a team of hysterical clowns, incredible (and, in my opinion, death-defying) unicyclists, jugglers, and acrobats.  Just think – tightrope walking, aerial ring, and aerial silks!  These kids

Rockin' Horse Stables in Kennebunkport Maine
The horses feed at Rockin' Horse Stables

fly higher than I would ever dare and all the while suspending themselves upside down from ropes hanging from the top of their enormous tent.  Despite the portions where children from the audience are invited into the ring, this is an activity that is truly fun for the whole family, as kids, parents, and non-parent adults are sure to enjoy every moment of the shows, which earn every penny of their $19 ticket price ($16 for matinees, reduced prices for kids, and lap-seated toddlers are free).  Plus, you’ll have the unique opportunity to explore Rockin’ Horse Stables‘ farm as their horses relax and feed in the fields (these draft horses pull the charming carriages through Kennebunkport Maine, so it is great to see them frolicking in the grass).  If you still need arm-twisting, there’s always freshly spun cotton candy, which is a sure bet in my book!
Circus Smirkus comes to Kennebunkport Maine on Monday, August 8 and Tuesday, August 9, 2011, and will offer two shows each day (1 and 6 p.m.).  Tickets can be purchased online or at various locations in town.  Again, advanced ticket purchases are highly encouraged!

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