A Lazy Day - Getting Takeout in Kennebunkport

In a town like Kennebunkport Maine that is full of incredible restaurants and food shoppes, it is hard to imagine feeling so relaxed or slothful that only takeout or delivery will do.  But Saturday was one of those days!  Victoria (a fantastic

Kennebunkport Maine Beaches
Lunch without ever leaving your spot!

member of the staff at our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast, as well as a friend) and I prepared to close up for the evening while we waited to greet the last few arriving guests.  A light rain was just beginning and the sky grew dark, so together we were dreaming about our ultimate comfort foods. Suddenly we looked to each other and knew we just had to have some!  Deciding to indulge, we turned to Lower Village Takeout, because we certainly couldn’t leave the inn and abandon our guests.
So a half hour later, a bag of thick french fries, a buffalo chicken pizza, and two greek salads showed up at our front desk.  “Which room?” the delivery guy asked.  “Uhhh… Here is fine!”  We snatched the bag and tore into it.  We were not disappointed.  The small pizza had just the right proportion of cheese and sauce, with plenty of kick from the buffalo sauce, which was offset by the container of ranch dressing, conveniently provided.  The fries were good, but exactly as expected.  I’ve got to give them credit, though, because they arrived hot – something that’s hard to do with fries!  But the icing on our takeout “cake” was the non-authentic Greek salad we had both been craving.  With oodles of iceberg lettuce, slices of hothouse tomatoes, sliced olives, and, of course, feta, it was exactly what I wanted.  The only better thing I could have imagined was eating it on the beach.  Oh, wait!  Now you can!  Yup, Lower Village Takeout delivers to the beach!  So the next time you don’t want to give up your parking spot or drag the kids away from their sandcastles, you can order and soda, subs, and salads will be on their way to you without ever leaving your beach towel!  Somehow I think a day at the beach in Kennebunkport Maine just got better.

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