A Day at the Beach in Kennebunkport Maine

Yesterday was another spectacular summer day in Kennebunkport Maine, so I headed to the beach – something that you can take for granted when living in vacationland.  But I soaked up every moment!  With the selection of incredible

Kennebunkport Maine Beaches
The sun setting at Parson's Beach near Kennebunkport Maine

beaches in the area, it can be difficult to select which beach to spend the day at – or perhaps you’ll split the attention between a few.  Gooch’s, Mother’s, and Middle Beaches allow you to easily walk between three very different feeling stretches of coastline, while Colony Beach (closest to our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast) sits conveniently near the scenic Blowing Cave and Spouting Rock.  Goose Rocks Beach, while a bit of a drive, is definitely worth it, especially with its iconic rocks poking out of the top of the water.  Laudholm Farm’s protected sands and meandering paths were definitely tempting, but, alas, didn’t win out.  Parson’s Beach, just over the border from Kennebunkport Maine, seemed like the perfect pick – convenience and solitude.
Miraculously, though, I found a parking spot!  During prime beach time!  With parking for less than two dozen cars, privacy is almost guaranteed, but snagging one of those coveted places is pretty darn tough, unless you’ve arrived early or late in the day.  Nevertheless, luck was on my side, and I quickly made my way to a warm, sunny spot on the sand.  Before settling in to my new book, I took a moment to savor the salt air, admire the butterflies gliding through the dune grass, and the gulls dawdling in the rivulets leading to the surf.  Glorious.  As always.
Kennebunkport Maine is honestly spectacular in any season, but the joy of families at the beach in summer is absolutely contagious!  Several bottles of water, ample snacks, a good novel, and oodles of sunscreen allowed me stay on the beach all day, reminding me, once again, of why Maine is perfect for a summer vacation (or anytime vacation)!

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