Best Summer Storm Watching In Kennebunkport Maine

Tonight, as a summer thunderstorm rolled through Kennebunkport Maine, I started to think about where the best spots in town are to view these gems of summertime.  Yes, there is sometimes nothing better than a sudden rainstorm

Summer thunderstorm
Watch a Summer Storm in Kennebunkport Maine (Photo courtesy of Flickr user 802)

that brings enormous droplets of water that leave half-dollar splats on your windshield, bringing down the humidity levels that had steadily risen through the afternoon. This evening’s violent squall happened to bring Skittles sized hail to some areas, but our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast (and each of our guests’ and their cars) was fortunately spared.
Walking out of the inn, I noticed several couples enjoying our wraparound porch with pre-dinner cocktails in hand. They picked the ideal place to

Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast wraparound porch
Our porch is just one great spot to watch the storm roll in!

watch the storm roll in!  Granted, I might be a touch biased, but a protected wraparound porch with an Eastern view  – what could be better?  Plus, the warmth and comfort of your room is right there!
But if you are out and about in Kennebunkport Maine, there are plenty of other places that make for ideal storm chasing.  The balcony at Federal Jack’s Brew Pub is another stellar location.  Protected from the elements and high above the water, you’ll see the storm approaching up the Kennebunk River, but will even have time to grab a beer or spirit before the “show” arrives.  Plus, since they serve late, you’ll be sure to leave satiated, no matter how long that summer thunderstorm lasts!  However, if you’ve already eaten or are willing to wait until after Mother Nature’s fireworks, the ultimate viewing spot is Narragansett Point along Kennebunk Beach.  If you could drive up to the very edge, the vista would be perfection.  Unfortunately, you can’t, but you can come pretty darn close with any of the closest parking spots overlooking the Atlantic as the waves crash against the rocks and retaining wall.
So now you’ll have to find your favorite spot to enjoy the fury of a summer evening thunderstorm in Kennebunkport Maine.  Will it be one of my faves or will you blaze your own trail?  Whatever the verdict, I hope you’ll share your findings!


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