Wildlife Classes at The Rachel Carson Reserve in Wells Maine

Piping Plover endangered species
See the Piping Plover at the Rachel Carson Reserve

Every Saturday and Sunday now through Mid-August at 10:00 enjoy a 1-hour program offered at the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge.

The refuge, a short drive from the Maine Stay Inn, provides a perfect activity for just after our delicious breakfast offerings. Rachel Carson, a renowned marine biologist, author, and environmentalist writes brilliantly, making clear about her strong belief in the importance of reserves. She says, “Wild creatures, like men, must have a place to live. As civilization creates cities, builds highways,and drains marshes, it takes away, little by little, the land that is suitable for wildlife. And as their space for living dwindles, the wildlife populations themselves decline. Refuges resist this trend by saving some areas from encroachment, and by preserving in them, or restoring where necessary, the conditions that wild things need in order to live.”

The weekly programs are all slightly different as they are adjusted based on the size, interests, and ages of the participants. Perhaps you will learn about our endangered bird, the Piping plover. The Piping Plover is sometimes difficult to spot as it blends in with the colors of our beaches, but the guides will be able to teach you how to spot them. Perhaps you will learn about our rare and beautiful endangered plant, the Pink Lady’s Slipper. An expert Rachel Carson staff member will lead the walk and the talks on the trails throughout.  The Wells Reserve, a special spot where the public can enjoy a safe haven for wildlife for free.  An hour at the reserve may give children and adults a completely new appreciation of Maine’s unique wildlife species.

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