Kennebunkport Maine Restaurant Supports Local Producers

One lovely summer evening this week, we decided to test out a relatively new restaurant one town over from Kennebunkport Maine, 50 Local.  A visit during opening week in 2010 revealed excellent food, knowledgeable servers, and trendy decor, but teeny portions.  Knowing that it takes time to iron out the kinks, however, we visited again this

Don't pass on the Mussel Frites in Kennebunkport Maine
Don't pass on the Mussle Frites in Kennebunkport Maine

week.  Again, this alternative to downtown Kennebunkport Maine restaurants, greeted us with style – pops of yellow against cool, grey walls, soft lighting, and brushed steel furnishings.  Just as before, a large chalkboard informs patrons of just how “local” their food is.  It’s especially nice to know that your dinner was grown or raised in this very state, not far from Kennebunkport Maine.

The menu looked similar to that from our initial visit, so I approached with skepticism, and, just to be safe, ordered an entree and an appetizer (both parents followed suit).  Once the apps arrived, however, I realized that they had taken large strides – and that I was going to be needing a giant doggie bag.  As you may know from my other Kennebunkport Maine restaurant reviews, I know how to pack the food in.  That said, my order of Mussel Frites was nearly large enough to constitute an entree.  I must admit, however, that I had enjoyed a large pre-dinner snack (which I will certainly forgo next time). But this dish was just as much quality as it was quantity – the mussels were cooked perfectly and the sauce just begged to be finished with a spoon!

The entree portion of risotto was truly delectable.  Edible flower buds decorated a foamy, ethereal mound, filled with greens and white asparagus.  While the steak and Asian soup were both wonderful, the risotto took the cake.  Though we had no room for desert, I remain confident that the choices would have been on par with the rest of the menu.

Serving genuinely local ingredients is one of the few things I am happy to shell out a little more for in a restaurant, and at 50 Local, the return on investment was definitely worth it.  Yep, this restaurant is a keeper!

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