Are They Ready? Bringing Children to a Maine Bed and Breakfast

At our Maine Bed and Breakfast, our adult guests are often surprised to find that we welcome families with small children in our Cottage Suites.  Their initial shock usually gives way to more bewilderment – that they weren’t aware

Kid Friendly Bed and Breakfast adirondack chairs
We've even got mini Adirondack chairs for our mini-guests!

that kiddos were around.  Yep, they couldn’t even hear them!  Generally this leads to a conversation whether our littlest guests are usually this good (yes) or how parents decide that their kids are ready for the Maine Bed and Breakfast experience.
Since I am not a parent, I don’t know exactly how the thought process goes, but after countless conversations with guests, as well as those who decide their children aren’t ready, I feel as though I can make a decent guess.  The number one deciding factor seems to be whether they can sleep through the night.  If they can’t, parents just don’t subject others to their plight.  The second most common thing I have observed is that the kids who visit a Maine Bed and Breakfast don’t tend to have screeching meltdowns.  That’s not to say they don’t have meltdowns at all, but they just tend to be more tearful and subdued than anything else.  I suppose the overall trend is that our pint-sized visitors are mature and well-behaved.  Now I suppose that could be attributed to the parenting styles adopted by BnB goers or to the nature of the child – take your pick! (But I like to thank the parents!)
The question I ask parents who are contemplating bringing children along is really the deciding factor: can they create their own fun and entertainment or do they need incredible amounts of external stimulation?  If your biggest concern is where they closest miniature golf or amusement park lies, then your little ones likely aren’t ready (give ’em a tad bit longer). Now, Kennebunkport Maine is known for its glorious beaches and great dining, so if the kids are fans then you should be in the clear.
Families with children under 12 will enjoy breakfast delivered to their door or the back yard bistro sets.  For child-less guests that means peace and serenity at the table (though probably not when Walter’s serving), and for families, that means no “inside voices” lectures or getting everyone out of jammies and set for the day.  Speaking of breakfast, don’t let gourmet breakfast be a turn-off when traveling with kids – at our Maine Bed and Breakfast, we always stock kid-friendly cereals and are happy to deliver any available side dishes they might like (or like to try).
So if your kiddos fit the bill, then bring them on up – it’s time to experience a Maine Bed and Breakfast!

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