Your First Time... At a Maine Bed and Breakfast!

A lovely young couple checked in this afternoon, looking a little nervous, and they revealed that it was their first time at a Maine Bed and Breakfast. Actually it was their first time at a Bed and Breakfast at all! Every time this happens I am shocked, but this is such a common occurrence that I shouldn’t be. So it got me thinking…what can you expect your first time?

So while I can really only speak for our Maine Bed and Breakfast, my many, many stays at other B&Bs show me that the Maine Stay is not an anomaly.

Catch a perfect sunset at a maine bed and breakfast
We’ll help you find that perfect spot!
  • Warmth. At our Maine Bed and Breakfast, we’ll great you with a smile and treat you like a friend. But not in the “we’re long lost friends and I need to catch up on every detail of your life” kind of way. The goal of any innkeeper is to make you comfortable so that you can really relax. Honestly, I don’t know a single one who doesn’t care more about the comfort and happiness of their guests than themselves. It’s not fake. We care. And because we care so much, we need to know how to make you the happiest – so give us a hint if you’re not super social or if you absolutely hate spinach, because we’ll do everything in our power to put you at ease.
  • Advice. I draw the line at relationships and careers, sorry to disappoint! Kidding. I mean advice about your vacation. At a Maine Bed and Breakfast, the staff will become your personal concierge/travel agent. It’s our job to know area restaurants inside and out. We’ll give you tips on things to do in Kennebunkport Maine. Or secrets about when to catch the best glimpse of incredible sailboats or the perfect beach parking spot.
  • Fun rooms. They’ll all be different, so pay attention when making your reservation! (You can ask for a tour if you’re interested, but you never have to.) Back to the caring point – tell us if you need something. We want you to be happy, comfortable, and relaxed. So if a lightbulb burns out – tell us! Don’t sit in the dark. But remember, it won’t be exactly like your home – that’s why you left it!
  • Great food. ‘Nuff said. But most innkeepers plan way in advance, so if you have allergies or are super picky, tell someone in advance! At our Maine Bed and Breakfast we are especially skilled with gluten-free diets and need advance notice to provide something yummy and safe for our GF guests.

Hopefully this cleared up some of the mystery of staying in a Maine Bed and Breakfast – and remember that BnBs cater to your needs as a traveler, so tell us what you need! In all honesty, B&Bs are the best way to travel, so make your reservation today and lose your BnB virginity!

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