Shoulder Season Special Returns to Kennebunkport!

As Memorial Day Weekend draws to a close, Kennebunkport Maine welcomes an exciting season, and not just

Kennebunkport maine beaches in june
Such peaceful views!

because I can finally wear white!  The Maine Stay has brought back its “Shoulder Season,” known for all the perks of Maine’s glorious summer, but at lower prices.  Because the kids aren’t out of school quite yet, the beaches aren’t packed, which means a quiet stroll for you and your special someone, or an uninterrupted gossip session for you and the girls.

But your favorite things about Kennebunkport Maine are in full force!  That restaurant meal you’ve been craving is ready and waiting, as nearly all restaurants have already gone to their summertime hours.  But because early June has remained a bit of a secret for the area, you’ll be able to get that window table that is in hot demand.  And guess what? The lobster cruises, schooner rides, and sunset sails are all rigged and ready!  In fact, I even prefer June jaunts onto the water, because there are fewer boats on the water, making you feel as though you’ve traveled thousands of miles to some faraway land.  Plus the slightly cooler evening air is prime for snuggling!

And best of all, you’ll receive the same great hospitality and amenities at your Kennebunkport Maine Bed and Breakfast, but with rates starting as low as $169 per night!  Plus, don’t forget that we’ve got you covered – with towels and umbrellas, perfect for your trip to the beach!  To make your beach getaway even better, we’ll include parking passes to the Kennebunk beaches, eliminating any possible hassles before hopping in the ocean!  We all hope you’ll enjoy the month of June as much as we do!

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