Ryan's Corner House - A New Restaurant in Kennebunkport, Maine

Ryan's Corner House - Kennebunkport Restaurant
Ryan’s Corner House is the Newest (and Cutest) Restaurant in Kennebunkport Maine!

After a winter’s worth of anticipation, Ryan’s Corner House, the newest Kennebunkport, Maine restaurant, has finally opened, just steps from our bed and breakfast.  This Irish Pub is the real deal, serving up plates of Bangers and Mash, Shepherd’s Pie, and loads of potatoes!  The atmosphere is definitely cozy, with the bar and mixed height tables filling every spare inch.  In other Kennebunkport restaurants, this might feel cramped, but at Ryan’s Corner House, with its friendly staff and jovial patrons, the feeling is entirely welcoming.  That said, I can’t wait for the weather to be warm enough for their patio seating to open!

The noise inside is punctuated by fiddles and jigs and more than a few jolly Irish accents – and, yes, they are real.  The Ryan family moved to Kennebunkport, Maine from Ireland less than two years ago.  And speaking of families, theirs was all there – mom, dad, two kiddos, and an uncle or two – the whole shebang.  Obviously I am rather partial to family businesses, but there is something incredibly homey and comfortable about walking into a restaurant where everyone is pitching in – even two little guys on school break.  Okay, there was a lot more socializing from them, but it absolutely adds to the experience! Plus, the kids have the inside scoop on what to order!

So down to the food:  For genuine Irish fare (with a few Maine staples interspersed for good measure) and great comfort food, Ryan’s Corner House is a must.  The potatoes are real, and real delicious – fried or mashed (there’s none of that “potato product” here), and the portions are large enough to last even the heartiest eaters two meals.  If you’re hankerin’ for leafy greens, this probably isn’t the spot for you (although their are salads on the menu), but if you need a stick-to-your-ribs meal or the ultimate grilled ham and cheese, head directly from our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast to Ryan’s Corner House.

PS – I still think a Reuben sandwich needs to be on the menu, even though it was patiently explained to me that neither Reubens, nor corned beef, are actually Irish.  But I want one, and I know that these guys can do it right and get all the cheese to melt, even in the middle!

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