Springtime in Kennebunkport Maine Is Inn Photography Time!

Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast updates
A glimpse at Romantic Cottage Suite 2, now complete!

Although light snow is in tomorrow’s forecast for Kennebunkport Maine, Spring is definitely on its way, bringing with it Melissa and Christian Giannelli, specialists in Inn Photography. We always look forward to Christian and Melissa’s next visit to our Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast, because over the past few years they have become great friends.  And, after months of hard work, their visits generally mean we’ve finished some big projects.  In fact, we’ve been so busy renovating across the property that this will be their second visit this year!

Frankly, it never would have occurred to me that someone could be an Inn Photographer, but the Giannellis are that and more.  Somehow they manage to blend art and science with design and storytelling to capture Kennebunkport Maine and the Maine Stay Inn in their true light. Your little point-and-shoot camera just can’t do justice to the sunsets reflecting off the Atlantic, nor can you simply remove the graininess of a image taken on your iPhone.

Maine Bed and Breakfast suite
The New #6! Keep your eyes peeled for shots of #4 and #9!

So to help you envision your perfect room, we call on Christian and Melissa. Because when it comes to Inn Photography, anyone that follows us on Facebook knows that I certainly don’t have the knack!

During their upcoming visit, they will be checking out Romantic Cottage Suite #4 and Cottage Suite #9. Although #4 had already seen some big changes last winter, this year’s work overshadows it all, now taking on a sultry, intimate feel with some great contemporary flair. Cottage Suite #9 now bears no resemblance to its previous identity as a classic New England cottage with its fun, modern look.  And best of all, completion of this room marks our ninth “gut” in three years.  Yep, since our arrival in Kennebunkport Maine just shy of three years ago, this Kennebunkport Bed and Breakfast has had nine of its 17 rooms/suites completely overhauled!

But truthfully, while their upcoming visit means these big projects are nearing completion and springtime is a-comin’, at the Maine Stay Inn, we’re all looking forward to a visit from two great people, two great friends.

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