Maine Bed and Breakfasts: From Kennebunkport to Camden

Visiting Maine Bed and Breakfasts is fun for guests and innkeepers alike, and this week, I had the pleasure of being both!  While the Maine Stay is closed for heat system upgrades (could we have picked a colder week?), I took the opportunity to visit the Inns at Blackberry Common, a Camden Bed and Breakfast and take in some skiing at the Camden Snow Bowl.

Breakfast at a camden maine bed and breakfast
Jim's Famous Oatmeal - Yum!

The drive from Kennebunkport Maine, albeit quite scenic, was a little slow-going, due to the latest snow squall passing through the area, so I was rather relieved to see the inn’s colorful sign as I approached Camden on Route 1.  I had heard that many Camden Maine Bed and Breakfasts are plagued by traffic noise, but this inn proved to be very peaceful inside.  Innkeepers Cyndi and Jim have lovingly preserved the 1840s Victorian that now holds the Inn at Blackberry Common, and on my tour of the property, I learned why it’s so quiet – they’ve replaced all the front windows!  Great thinking, guys!  And the building’s long, thin footprint ensures that most of the inn sits pretty far from the road, surrounded by what, come springtime, is sure to be lovely garden space.  And let’s not forget the blackberry patch!  The stakes barely poked through mountains of snow, but your imagination can do the rest.

The afternoon sun begged for running, so I laced up my shoes and headed downtown. This seaside town felt reminiscent of Kennebunkport Maine, with its quaint shops, lovely marina, and historic buildings.  However, the hills, slippery with freezing winter slush, and lack of flat, sandy beaches, quickly brought me back to reality!  Chilled, I headed back to the inn for mug after mug of tea and great conversation with Jim and Cyndi.

Desperate for some true winter fun, I headed out the next morning for the Camden Snow Bowl, a small ski area just a few minutes from the Camden Maine Bed and Breakfasts.  For just $12 you can ski for several hours, or $20 will get you a full day’s pass – what a deal!  Plus, the place was deserted; it seemed groomed just for me!  So while Kennebunkport Maine may be the crown jewel of Maine’s beaches, Camden is truly where the mountains meet the sea.  Looking over your shoulder on the chair lift, you’ll be greeted with a breathtaking view of the Atlantic, where it joins the foothills and finally the stunning ski slopes.

So while I’ve always recommended Camden Maine as a great destination for those touring the New England coastline, I can now say I’ve been, and enjoyed, this great little town.  So the next time you’re passing from Bar Harbor to Kennebunkport, looking for low-key outdoor fun in the winter, or just a fan of Maine Bed and Breakfasts in charming historic villages, check out Camden Maine and the Inns at Blackberry Common.

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