A Winter Beach Walk

Kennebunkport winter getawayThe sun finally broke through after a stretch of unusually cloudy days last week, inspiring me to leave our Kennebunkport inn for a quick beach walk.  I headed just over the bridge into Kennebunk for a stroll along Parson’s Beach.  As private property, it has remained almost entirely unspoiled, with about six homes visible from the shore.  While some might think a winter walk is crazy, it is one of my favorite winter activities in Kennebunkport, Maine.  Sure, it’s about fifty degrees cooler than swimming weather, but the beach is just as beautiful, if not more so, in the winter than the summer.  The snow reflects lightKennebunkport romantic weekend getaway light a mirror, the sands are free of other footprints, and the sun feels especially warm on your skin.  Well, the skin that’s not covered with layers of fleece, wool, and Gore-tex!  If not for the snow peeking through beach grass, you’d hardly know that it wasn’t July!  So when visiting a Maine bed and breakfast for your next romantic weekend getaway, make sure not to miss a walk on the beach – but bring your mittens!

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